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You could say that I'm a little obsessed with creating videos. I love shooting the footage- composing shots, reacting to the light and the moment. I also love telling a story, cutting, color grading- the whole editing process. If you have a project that you think I may be the right fit for, from promotional edits to an Indy film, I'd love to chat!



This has been such a killer project. I got to fit all my favorite shots of this amazing place into one quick edit, which wasn't easy but super rewarding.

This is a project I put together for my daughter's school and teamed up with the principal and staff to create a way to showcase the awesomeness of Harbor Montessori!.

Traveling and filming with my little family in some of the most beautiful wilderness I've seen. Redfish Lake in Idaho is stunning and the Lodge is such a special place. For me, this is the ultimate gig!

Work for the Rocky Mountain River Tours. It doesn't get any more pure than this! I'm so fortunate to have a number of projects going with this company. See more here

I created a whole series of videos for a fantastic dental office, see more here: Dental office Videos

This is one of my "Ultimate Family Adventure" movies that helped me to realize my passion for film and editing!

Passion project- Aerial views of a few choice spots along the Oregon coast. Canon Beach's famous Haystack rock and just South to the beautiful beach at Oswald State Park.

A great day followed by an amazing sunset at Siletz Bay in Lincoln City, Oregon. Another Passion project

This is a project that came together sort of last minute. I was there as a photographer for the portraits but realized that they were well covered for that so I started filming. I loved being a part of this and I learned a lot about the power of video.