Patrick Clifford

Studio: 808-383-7307


I feel so lucky to follow my creative passions. In recent years I've put my energy primarily into raising three kids while carving out moments to paint, sculpt, film and edit. I'm immensely grateful for my beautiful wife who has been instrumental in my pursuits, not only as my inspiration but as the buoy that we are all happily tied to. With her support and encouragement I received a Masters degree in Fine Art from the University of Houston, where I found many new loves including teaching and film, and editing. When we had kids I decided to be the "stay at home" parent- what could be better? I teach my kids my life philosophy while honing my video editing skills for ULTIMATE family movies. As the kids are growing I'm realizing that the time is approaching when I'll be able to go "all in" and I have big ideas for my creative future.

Whenever I'm out with the kids people say the same thing-

"enjoy every minute, it's over before you know it"    -and I do.